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by Beefier
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There are some things people don't compare. Like mothers. When was the last time you heard someone say their mother was better than yours?

Now unlike mothers, people love to compare cheeseburgers. "Is this better than Sweet X," you might be thinking. If you ask us, absolutely. But I would also tell you that my mother is better than yours. Don't trust Lowbrow.

What we would tell you though is that we made this cheeseburger as a response to the mediocrity of free market cheeseburgers. We would not have poured every ounce of our life force into this painstaking sandwich if we were already happy with what's already available.

Try our cheeseburger and let me know if my mother is better than yours.

👩‍🍳 We grind our own beef fresh daily.
🐮 We smash and sear our patties for crisp edges and a crusty surface.
🍞 We use artisan potato buns that we butter toast.

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🛵 Can be ordered together with Flowerboy products for a single delivery fee since both come from one location.

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