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Chicken Pad Thai


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"bUt iT's nOt aUtHeNtIc"

If you go to Bangkok and sample pad thai from shop to shop, you'd be surprised with the eye-popping varieties. Most go sweet and sticky. Some go fresh and bright. A few go full-on hellraiser in your mouth. Makes you wonder what authentic means.

We make our Pad Thai the way we like it: savory, rich, only mildly sweet, and full of umami. We burn the sauce for a smoky flavor. The glossy rice noodles get tossed over high heat for "wok hei," creating a complex aromas. You get a crispy egg on top.

🏆 This is our most popular item in Flowerboy!
🍜 Our customers say this is the best Pad Thai in Manila!
🍹 Most of our customers get this with our Thai Iced Tea.

🍃 Freshness warning: Quality suffers when left cold for too long. When ordering from afar, make sure to reheat.

🥜 Allergen information: Contains peanuts. May contain traces of shrimp and shellfish from interactions with other food.

Customize your Pad Thai by indicating how much peanuts and chili you'd like under "Notes to Seller" in the cart page.

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🛵 Can be ordered together with Beefier products for a single delivery fee since both come from one location.

⏰ Noodles will clump and dry out if left for too long. Please eat immediately, or reheat. See our reheating guide here.

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