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Hanger Steak

by Beefier
Extra Sides

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A delicious, affordable steak using one of the cow's most flavorful cuts. We cook our hanger steak on medium in a cast iron pan for a great sear. Served with either fries & gravy or arugula salad.

👩‍🍳 We never use extenders, modifiers, or tenderizers on our hanger steak like others do. We use quality USDA choice beef and sear it straight with just salt and pepper.

🏆 This is one of our most popular items on the menu.

📝 Please indicate under “Notes to seller” on the cart page if you’d like to have the steak unsliced.

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🛵 Can be ordered together with Flowerboy products for a single delivery fee since both come from one location.

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