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Quick Cook Tantanmen Ramen


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🐷 🍜 Rich, mildly spicy, with the flavor and aroma of roasted sesame, our pork bone broth cooks in just 4 minutes.

Designed for the laziest couch potato in the world, our Ultramen instant noodles will deceive any serious ramenhead with confidence.

We worked hard to simplify the process (only 3 packets) and thoroughly tested each bowl with the laziest and dumbest people we know—every single one still came out as delicious as the bowls served in top ramen bars!

✔️ Restaurant-quality: you won't be able to tell the difference.

✔️ Firm and chewy noodles with a bite. Made in an authentic Yamato.

✔️ Rich, thick, and velvety broth with an authentic and bold flavor.

✔️ Broth made from pork fat and bones, boiled for 12 hours.

✔️ Done in 4 minutes. (60 secs for the noodles, 2 mins to boil the broth.)
✔️ Makes one serving. But it's big, bigger than most ramen houses.

👨‍🍳 Check out our free cooking guide for easy-to-follow instructions on how to make restaurant-quality ramen at home.

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😎   Ultramen can be ordered together with Bad Bird in one delivery for the same fee.

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